Nothing says summer at Willie’s like our Sand Volleyball League! We offer a laid back atmosphere where friends can get together to play a few games all while taking in the best views of Hidden Valley Lake. Our Sunday – Wednesday recreational league is coed and played as teams of six. Thursdays are coed teams of four and is more on the competitive side.  Enjoy dedicated serving staff as well as our full food and bar menu.

 Registration and payments are to be made online




Cost: $150 for social nights, 6 man teams (Sun – Wed) and $100 for competitive night, 4 man teams (Thurs).

You may only play on 1 Social Team (Sun-Wed) and 1 Competitive Team (Thurs)

The last two weeks of the schedule will be reserved for in Night Tournaments.

Tournament format will be 1 Game, Double Elimination Format.

The nightly tournament winning team will be given a 50% reduction for their fee the following year.

If you unable to make a game, you MUST send a group text to Heather and the other

Team Captain to let everyone know. A 24-hour notice is required in non-emergency situations. Please be considerate.

In the event of rain cancelations, notifications will be sent to the team captains via text and updated on the website as soon as possible. Please contact Heather via text with questions. It may be raining at home but clear to play at Willie’s

Make up games will take place the week of July 4th. Availability is subject to other team make ups.

Any team that habitually cancels, reschedules and/or no shows, will lose their seniority for the following season.

No Teams will have more men than women at any time on the court, unless you choose.

Exceptions: If you play 3 men and 2 women vs a team with 6 players. This does not mean you can play like this the whole year. The rule was made to help when you are short a player due to work, vacation, etc. A rotation must be applied of guys and girls.

If both 6 man teams are playing short, genders must be equal, forfeit applies.

Every game is to be played to Rally Score. A point is scored on every serve.

First set – A short volley will decide who starts the first set.

Second set – The team that did not start the first set will start the second set.

Third set – A short volley will decide who starts the third set.

Play is to 25 points, win by 2. 3rd game is played to 15. Switch sides after 8 points.

Best of 3 Wins.

Winning Team Captains must report your win to Heather via text.

If you fail to do so, game will be considered a loss for both. This will lower your seed in your night’s tournament.

Net serves are good.

No carries allowed.

All serves must be behind the line.

KILLS are permitted, however, over-aggressive play on social nights is discouraged.

No part of you may touch the net (shirt, hand, hair etc.)

Games need to start on the hour. Please pay attention to the time.

If you are still playing your 3rd game at the end of your time, the team that is ahead by 2 takes the game.

NO outside food or drinks are allowed on the premises. If you fail to comply, you will be asked to leave and forfeit that night’s game.

Any team that continually brings in their own alcohol will be asked to leave and will be replaced. Offending team will not receive a refund.

Parents are responsible for their children. Children are NOT allowed anywhere near or on the court during play. PLEASE NO HANGING ON THE NET!

At the end of the last game, you need to turn balls over to the server. If you want to continue to play you must bring your own ball.

As always, cheers to a fun summer!